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About Yo! Products by asi

Yo! hello there (#yo!hellothere).  Yo! (Yoga) themed graphics Tees and More and a simple message to say Yo! hello there designed by Tam Prejusa .  Not just any stylish, trendy or fashion statement type of product but simply just Yo!   Long Sleeves, tees, tanks, caps and more.  

Adventuring with Yo! everywhere!   Hope to Spot Yo! everywhere..  in your state, city, town, place or space. #ispotyo!

Take Yo! on your adventures and don't forget to get Yo! shirts for your friends and family!


Just a gal from Oklahoma City living in Kansas and living out her passions!

Yo!  hello there.  My name is Tam Prejusa and I am the Owner and Founder of A Splendid Idea. I  was born in Vietnam and grew up in Oklahoma City.  I currently reside in Kansas City and loving it here! 

I enjoy meeting people, finding new places and events to attend. I also enjoy hosting, entertaining and creating themed parties/events.  My friends mentioned that I should be an event planner or host.  I created the wedding and events business back in 2007.   The Yoga developed in 2015 and it was just natural to combined my event business into Yoga and Events. 

"It started out as just an event then we connected and created a long lasting relationship through these special events".  ~Creating Events and Creating Connections~ (TP)

Tam Prejusa
A Splendid Idea (asi), Yoga & Events
~Creating Events and Creating Connections~