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Hey there! It's nice to meet you! My name is Kari Burkholder and I am an artist and graphic designer living in Olathe, Kansas with my long-time boyfriend, two sons and two kitties. When I'm not drawing, painting or designing, I enjoy indulging in my obsession for everything Harry Potter, kicking the soccer ball around with my sons, sipping on some vino, or playing card games with the family. Thanks for stopping by!

Life is a messy, beautiful adventure that we all deserve to live to the very fullest. I have always felt that the creativity and deep passions we each possess are there to push us into making our own mark on the world. I was born with a passion to reveal the beauty, humor and tenderness in those every day moments. There is no heart without ART. It is all around us and within us.

My artwork has a purpose, and it is to inspire, uplift and make you dig deeper into your mind and into your heart. You possess an ability that is stronger than you could ever imagine! You are a work in progress, but with little reminders of how awesome you are, or what you’re working toward in your life, you can be that much more focused and accomplish what you’ve always wanted to do.

When you buy a piece of my artwork, or something for your home, I want you to be able to look at it and get a feeling of peace, empowerment, laughter or a burst of energy that pushes you towards your goals. Let it be your inspiration and have a beautiful life!

The name "Two Turtles" comes from all the things that I love.  Since I was about eight years old, I have had a love for turtles that I never really could explain. Did you know that in Native American cultures, the turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth? I think it's pretty fitting, as the two turtles in my logo represent my sons. Upon further research, I discovered that the turtle totem (or symbol) also represents teachings about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity which I also feel fits my particular life adventure and personality to a "T". Perhaps I was a sea turtle in a past life. 

So, if you see a turtle trying to cross the road, make sure you stop and give him (or her) a helping hand. I'm sure they would appreciate it!

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