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Does car insurance cover catalytic converter theft?

With the continued rise of catalytic converter thefts being reported, it's possible you'll be questioning what to do ought to it occur to you. Is catalytic converter theft lined by insurance coverage? Is there a particular kind of catalytic converter theft insurance coverage? Should you not too long ago had your catalytic converter stolen, test together with your service earlier than shopping for a substitute. ...

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How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

What's a catalytic converter?A catalytic converter is a key element of your automotive’s exhaust system. Its job is to assist scale back dangerous emissions by slicing down on the quantity of pollution that exit the tailpipe.How does a catalytic converter work?Inside combustion engines generate energy by burning gasoline, like gasoline or diesel. When this gasoline is burned, it produces exhaust gasses.(See additionally: What’s The Distinction ...

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