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Set of 6 Superhero Safety Tattoos

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Set of 6 safety tattoos for your next family vacation or trip to the zoo!

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Planning a trip to the zoo or amusement park? Or maybe just a Friday night out with the kids in a busy area? Put your mind at ease with our cute tattoos made to order with your phone number.

Like many other parents, I worry that my young, wandering child may get lost when we are at a busy amusement park or other public place. Educating your children on what to do if they get lost is very important and knowing that he/she has your phone number on their person can give you that much more peace, knowing that you could be contacted! We recommend talking to your child about the tattoo they are wearing and making sure they know to find a trusted adult (another parent or employee) to help them call you. It can also make them feel more secure knowing that they don't have to memorize your number and have an easy way to find you IF they do get lost.


The tattoos should last 1-5 days depending on what you're doing. To remove, scrub with a wet, soapy rag or loofah using coconut oil or baby oil, if needed. You can also peel the tattoo off like a bandaid if you're able to get ahold or a corner.

If you need additional wording let us know at check out or send a message beforehand. We can add allergy info, etc. Additional pricing may be added depending on what is needed.


Note: Tattoos are printed backwards but once they are placed on the skin they will flip and be legible.

Any white shown in photos will print clear.

Tattoos are not waterproof.


DISCLAIMER: Cherished Jewels is NOT responsible for lost items (including children!). Our products are meant to aid in the safety of your child in the occasion that he or she may get separated from you. We cannot guarantee the return of your child.

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