Handcrafted by Nature

We design jewelry that connects people to nature, adorning them with it’s tangible goodness. In conjunction with local jewelry artisans, the most stringent & highest quality standards are used at every step of the process. Let these stones comfort, calm, illuminate, exhilarate, mesmerize, & inspire you to reach your highest ideals & goals.  

Semi-precious stones, gems & jewels are gifts of nature to us.  Works of art - pearls, turquoise, amethyst, emeralds, garnets, quartz, carnelian, silver, copper & brass to name a few. It is true that time and nature have conspired together to create these timeless treasures!  Adorn your life with JewelStones to inspire you to celebrate the natural goodness of creation.  

10% of every Dollar Donated to Sozo Mountain

It’s a delight to bring joy to others and touch their lives for the better. For that reason, 10% of every dollar is donated to building an orphanage in Brazil. 1 out of 8 children in Brazil are homeless. Join hands and hearts to help create a home for children who are vulnerable and without a place to run, play or enjoy the security and comfort that others take for granted. Direct donations can also be made, simply scroll down to the footer & select the hyperlink on the left. Here you can learn more about the Sozo Mountain Orphan project and the people who are working to make this happen.