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Owners Lindsey Oviedo and Robin Gedman have been best friends for 10 years. With neither having very many relatives in town, they have really become more family than anything. They laugh a lot, cry sometimes and are trying to get through life raising their 5 kids to just not be jerks. In addition to making cute tee’s they spend a great deal of time in their social media world talking about spreading kindness. It has been amazing to see the response from people who have purchased the shirts or those who just are happy to see the cute pictures they post. They call it their “kindness campaign” and it seems to be catching on!

When they aren't making t-shirts they spend their time going to a million baseball games (both of the Royals and of the little league variety), wrangling a 100 lb. dog, running kids to dive, tennis, golf, soccer, piano, and just about every other type of practice you can think of and if there is time at the end of the day enjoying a glass of wine with their husbands.

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