Handmade by Cosmo

I have been fortunate to inherit my mother's creativity and talent in making things with my hands.  I've been sewing for many years, both hand and machine, love to hand embroidery, and now have fallen in love making animalsout of felt, both eco-friendly, (recycled from plastic bottles) and merino.  Busy hands are happy hands, my Grandma Baker always said.  I loved Grandma Baker.  

I've sold a few, I've given more than a few away, and still some here waiting for homes.

Any and all of my Critters can be made in any color combination of your choosing.  Favorite team?  School colors?  Favorite colors for that perfect  accent in a collection.  They are quirky and cute, and just right.  

Come see me at http://www.facebook.com/handmadebycosmo