Been There, Pinned That!

Maps Made By Travelers for Travelers

Have you ever come home from vacation and felt truly satisfied? You had the time of your life, but even before that tan starts to fade, you're already dreaming and scheming for your next adventure. Whether you want to return to that one city you barely got to touch, or it made you yearn for something even more unfamiliar, travel grabs you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go.

Based out of Kansas City, MO, we are wannabe full-time travelers and map-enthusiasts. We wanted something simple, and classic for displaying our adventures without costing an arm and leg, or taking up an entire wall. Now we make maps so you can share your story as well. Whether you want to track where you've been, where you have run a marathon, or the places your loved ones live, our maps reveal your journey. Where will YOU go next?