Welcome! My name is Jen Fontanella, and I'm the solo artist behind ArtByJenF. All of my work is made by hand in small batches, because to me, molds take out the romance in art. All of this grew from an extreme passion of making things combined with a love of simplicity; and not to forget, the warm fuzzies I feel when you pick something out that makes you feel happy. 

I fell in love with ceramics when I was sixteen. I remember touching clay for the first time and feeling an immediate connection. I worked with it on/off ever since. Life took me on a crazy journey, but I’ve been a full time Ceramist since 2013, and couldn’t be happier!

Originally from a beach town in Southern California, I currently live in Overland Park, KS with my wild little boy, a crazy dog and an amazing husband. I’m a full time mom and a full time maker. Outside of the studio I’m an ethnic food junkie, craft beer lover, traveler, yoga connoisseur and nature enthusiast.

Make sure to follow my company on the various social media outlets for a behind the scenes look - just search for ArtByJenF.